Brands are the public faces of products and services—the symbol of all that a business believes in. But they are more than that! Brands are about people—the impressions, interactions, transactions, conversations, and decisions made by consumers when thinking about what to buy or use or experience.

SperlingQual uncovers their implications for your brand, and make actionable recommendations that help your brand better connect with people—to be thought of as someone they want in their lives, a brand that sells products or services they want to try, use, depend on, experience, commit to, or have fun with. Or even how the brand can become an extension of how people see themselves.

Branding projects include:

  • Positioning
  • Ideation
  • Brand and target exploratories
  • Brand equity
  • Innovation or design research approaches
SperlingQual goes deep with consumers to understand how all these touch points influence the way people perceive and engage with your brand.