What clients are saying about SperlingQual:

“Denise is an excellent moderator who is particularly adept at synthesizing the voice of the customer, weaving clear insights and then bringing them to life in a very clear and strategic way.”
—J. Archambault, Director of Consumer insights, Darden Group


“It is an absolute pleasure working with SperlingQual, Inc. Denise was introduced to us by our Advertising Agency (Grey NY), and we were so impressed by her work, that we have continued to contract her directly to involve her in multiple other projects in our business. She is a very collaborative partner, pushing the entire team to go further, dig deeper and really get to the heart of the questions we’re asking of consumers. Her passion and insights into consumer behavior are rivaled only by her outstanding ability to distill the research results into succinct and actionable reports. I have worked with many researchers over the years, and I’ve never worked with someone who presents the results so clearly, articulately and visually, in a way that can easily be repurposed for larger presentations to executives and project teams alike and help us to take the next step in our work. Again, it is an absolute pleasure working with Denise and SperlingQual, Inc. I would highly recommend her services.”
—L. Pitlik, Director of Marketing, Hostess Brands


“Denise Sperling is a fantastic moderator. Denise is more than a deft facilitator; she easily draws people out and her strong strategic orientation ensures that the discussions yield valuable learning and insights. Her ability to provide an insightful debrief immediately after groups allows, in addition to being a testament to her inherent strategic skills, provides an opportunity for everyone involved in the project to engage in a constructive, fruitful conversation and ultimately leave the research on the same page. In an unbelievably timely fashion, she delivers detailed, comprehensive and well written debrief reports. Denise is highly professional and responsive at all times and really and truly a joy to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
—J. Howell, SVP Planner, Grey NY


“Denise is a creative qualitative research professional. She brought great insights into the project and created a wonderful report on findings that my client raved about as the best she’s seen. I would definitely hire her again.”
—C. Pullis, Landor Associates