SperlingQual believes that a genuine passion for and curiosity about brands, communications, and how they impact and engage with consumers is at the heart of good qualitative research and strategic thinking. We love people, and we love solving problems.

Our aim is to help brands develop and improve the way they connect with people.  Our approach is relaxed, honest and intimate: we establish a rapport with people, create an informal and candid atmosphere.  And we’re no-nonsense—we only have a short period of time to learn as much as we can, so we work hard to ensure our moderators manage group dynamics, probe deeply and challenge people to get past defenses and out of comfort zones.

We’re looking for balance.  We have to be rigorous and analytical in the way we design and carry out a project, but we have to bring creativity to every part of that project, too. We’re constantly thinking about creative ways to design methodologies, craft questions, guide conversations, and develop recommendations. We bring this rare blend of analytic and creative skills to every project.

While we love talking to people, and coming up with creative ways to understand them, we’re practical. We think about brands as businesses and consumers as people.